Download Chime Loan Application Here!


The Chime Loan Program was established by Area 9 in 2003 in order to promote the use of handchimes and handbells in educational settings in the states of Oklahoma and Texas.  A Three-octave set of Malmark handchimes was purchased for this purpose in honor of the Guild’s 50th anniversary.  Since that time, we have added a second set of three-octave Malmark chimes for use in this program.

The loan program is for one school year (approximately August 15 through May 31).  Applications for use in summer programs may also be considered.

Any organization within Area 9 is eligible to apply for the Chime Loan Program; however, preference will be given to schools.  Handchimes will be loaned only once to a particular organization except in extenuating circumstances.  The program is open to both Guild members and non-members.

The deadline for applications is June 1 prior to the beginning of the school year.  Applications will be submitted to the Area 9 Education Coordinator.  The Area 9 Board, or a committee appointed by the Area Chair, will review the applications and grant the handchimes.


At the beginning of the loan term, a three-octave set of Malmark handchimes and supporting educational material will be shipped to the school at the expense of Area 9.  An experienced mentor will also be assigned to be available to the music teacher to answer questions and provide support.  Furthermore, a one-year membership to the Guild will be provided.


The school receiving the handchimes must use the handchimes as part of their regular curriculum during the loan period and are requested to use the handchimes in at least one concert or program during the loan period.  They must also provide insurance coverage based on the replacement value of the instrument while in the possession of and in transit from the school.  The organization must adhere to all copyright laws.  Photocopying or reproducing any of the materials provided without prior approval of the copyright holder is forbidden.  Any violation of copyright law will result in the grant being rescinded immediately.

By January 1 of the loan term, the school is asked to send a brief report to the Area 9 Education Coordinator describing how the chimes have been used thus far.  A final report will be submitted within one month of the conclusion of the loan term.  The reports may be published in Guild or Area 9 publications.

At the conclusion of the loan term, the chimes are to be returned to the Area Education Coordinator at the school’s expense.  If the organization will be pursuing the purchase of their own set of chimes, they may keep the educational materials.

Return completed applications to:

Sondra Tucker
Area 9 Education Coordinator
14011 Cherry Mound Rd.
Houston TX 77077-1105


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